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    The Good Guys
    The island of Mata Nui is defended by three types of inhabitants: the Toa, the Turaga, and the Matoran (previously called ?Tohunga?).  These three types of beings top the Mata Nui food chain.

    The Toa
    Warrior spirits sent to protect the Turaga and Matoran by the great spirit Mata Nui.  These six warrior figures arrive in mysterious canisters.  Each Toa is based on an elemental force and is colored appropriately (e.g. Kopaka, Toa of Ice, is white; Tahu, Toa of Fire, is red, etc.).  The six main villages of Mata Nui are each defended by the Toa, who often band together to defend the island and villagers from threats by Makuta and the Bohrok Swarm.  (Note: The Toa are being replaced by the Toa Nuva.)

    • Gali, Toa of Water:  Gali is the spirit of the water, and the only female Toa.  She is incredibly wise... wiser, possibly, than all the other five Toa put together.
    • Kopaka, Toa of Ice:  Kopaka is the spirit of ice.  He is cool, calculating, and coldly methodical in his actions.
    • Lewa, Toa of Air:  Lewa is the spirit of the air, and the Tohunga believe Lewa controls the skies - the clouds and the wind.
    • Onua, Toa of Earth:  Onua is an Earth spirit, and is at home below ground.  His low, squat body and head allow him to move quickly in tunnels and his infrared eyes give him amazing night vision.
    • Pohatu, Toa of Stone:  He is immensely strong and can literally move mountains.  Pohatu can cause massive rocks to explode like bombs, or roll with great precision towards any attacker.
    • Tahu, Toa of Fire:  The fire spirit and the fiercest of the six Toa, Tahu is the most feared - you don't want to get into a fight with him if you can help it.
    The Turaga
    Villagers in charge of daily operations of each village.  There are six Turaga, and each features a separate weapon or item of office.  These chieftains ensure each village is supplied, defended, and running smoothly.  They are the principal contacts with the Toa when necessary.

    • Matau, Turaga of Le-Koro:  Turaga Matau is the protector of Lewa's legend, and is the leader of the musical village of Le-Koro, high in the treetops.
    • Vakama, Turaga of Ta-Koro:  Turaga Vakama holds the Great Firestaff and is the protector of Tahu's legend.  He leads Ta-Koro, the village nestled in the shadow of the Mangai volcano.
    • Onewa, Turaga of Po-Koro:  Turaga Onewa is known throughout stone village Po-Koro as The Referee, and uses a mighty stone hammer.  He is the keeper of Pohatu's legend.
    • Nokama, Turaga of Ga-Koro:  Turaga Nokama knows more about oceans and rivers than anyone, and she is the keeper of Gali's legend in the floating village of Ga-Koro.
    • Nuju, Turaga of Ko-Koro:  Turaga Nuju is the silent chieftain of the icy village of Ko-Koro.  The protector of Kopaka's legend uses only gestures and whistles that none but villager Matoro can interpret.
    • Whenua, Turaga of Onu-Koro:  The protector of Onua's legend rules the underground village of Onu-Koro.  He oversees the work in the rock quarry and the region's vast, complex tunnels.
    The Matoran (aka "Tohunga")
    The numerous villagers of Mata Nui mostly live within the confines of its six main villages.  Originally named Tohunga, these villagers form the bulk of the island's inhabitants.  The Matoran readily trade with other villagers, and have been known to form alliances to enhance commerce and defense.  Many Matoran specialize in the particular element that defines their village.  Eight Matoran were originally released as sets, only two of whom are still commercially available.  Six McDonald?s promotional sets are only available on the secondary market. New Matoran figures have been hinted at (and glimpsed) but are not yet available.

    • Hafu:  Villager of the stone village of Po-Koro, Hafu is best known for his skill at carving. A member of the Chronicler's Company.  (Available in Powerpack)
    • Hahli:  Ga-Koro Matoran seen briefly during the defense of Ga-Koro, and a definite love-interest for Jala.  (Not available as a set)
    • Huki:  Famed Koli player from stone village of Po-Koro. Also Huki's love interest.  (Promotional item)
    • Jala:  Captain of the guard of fire village To-Koro and love interest of Hahli.  (Promotional item)
    • Kongu:  Master bird-wrangler from the treetop village of Le-Koro.  (Promotional item)
    • Kopeke:  A talented ice-sculptor who joins the Chronicler's Company from Ko-Koro.  (Not available as a set)
    • Maku:  Premier athlete and swimmer from the water village of Ga-Koro and a member of the Chronicler's Company.  (Promotional item)
    • Matoro:  Interpreter of Turaga Nuju's stories and prophecies in the ice village of Ko-Koro.  (Promotional item)
    • Nuparu:  This orange-Pakari-wearing villager invented the Boxor to help the villages repel the Bohrok.  (Available in Boxor)
    • Onepu:  Clumsy yet immensely strong villager of underground Onu-Koro and leader of the Ussalry.  (Promotional item)
    • Taipu:  One of the strongest of the Onu-Koro Matorans, but not the brightest rock in the pile. Member of the Chronicler's Company.  (Not available as a set)
    • Takua:  The Chronicler; a mysterious, brave adventurer whos exploits are a story all to themselves.  (Not available as a set)
    • Tamaru:  Le-Koro Matoran who was notoriously clumsy, but who proved himself as a member of the Chronicler's Company.  (Not available as a set)
    Toa Nuva
    After solving the puzzle of the Krana and defeating the Bohrok Swarm, the Toa battle the Bahrag, twin Bohrok Queens.  They successfully cage the Bahrag but are dropped into liquid protodermis and are transformed into more powerful versions of themselves, with expanded Kanohi powers.  They emerge as Toa Nuva, complete with armor and new weapons and accessories.

    • Gali Nuva, Toa of Water:  Fast as ever, despite her new, almost impregnable armor, Gali Nuva, the Spirit of Water, is equipped to move almost as quickly as Lewa Nuva.
    • Kopaka Nuva, Toa of Ice:  The Spirit of the Ice is as cool as ever under his new, enhanced armor, and the double swords cut through icebergs as though they were butter.
    • Lewa Nuva, Toa of Air:  Whether floating above the forest or cutting his way through the jungle undergrowth, there's no stopping Lewa Nuva, the Spirit of Air.
    • Onua Nuva, Toa of Earth:  Onua's powerful, tunnelling hands have been enhanced to become an astonishing set of chainsaws that chew their way through rocks and earth, allowing Onua Nuva, the Spirit of Earth, to tunnel underground.
    • Pohatu Nuva, Toa of Stone:  Pohatu Nuva's huge new set of claws are quick to grab and move large rocks, if that's what's required.
    • Tahu Nuva, Toa of Fire:  still a fiery acquaintance, using two ancient, specially crafted swords to cut through molten lava.
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