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    Toy Fair 2018: Knex Lobby Display
    Hot Bionicle NewsWednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 12:32am by Danny, BZPower Reporter

    Knex continued their tradition of putting dazzling displays in the front lobby outside of Toy Fair in 2018. This display also announced rather loudly that Knex has now joined the Basic Fun! family (we'll have more on that later). We've got plenty of photos of this motorized amusement park on steroids, although we don't have any video of the display in action. Since the display was designed for people to walk inside of it, the roller coasters and other moving features were actually on three sides of you once you walk in, which rather complicated trying to capture the whole thing.

    m_TF18_KnexLobby_7415 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7416 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7417 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7418 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7419 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7420 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7421 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7422 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7423 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7424 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7425 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7426 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7427 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7428 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7429 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7430 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7431 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7432 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7433 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7434 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7435 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7436 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7437 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7438 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7439 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7440 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7441 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7442 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7443 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7444 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7445 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7446 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7447 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7448 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7449 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7450 m_TF18_KnexLobby_7451

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