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    Toy Fair 2018: E-Blox
    Hot Bionicle NewsThursday, December 6th, 2018 at 8:50pm by Danny, BZPower Reporter

    E-Blox had their conductive bricks out on display at Toy Fair 2018, along with plenty of examples of them in use. While conductive brick companies seem to be a dime-a-dozen these days, E-Blox was one of the first to get the concept to market. We've got plenty of pictures of their booth below the break.

    m_TF18_E-Blox_6719 m_TF18_E-Blox_6720 m_TF18_E-Blox_6721 m_TF18_E-Blox_6722 m_TF18_E-Blox_6723 m_TF18_E-Blox_6724 m_TF18_E-Blox_6725 m_TF18_E-Blox_6726 m_TF18_E-Blox_6727 m_TF18_E-Blox_6728 m_TF18_E-Blox_6729 m_TF18_E-Blox_6730 m_TF18_E-Blox_6731 m_TF18_E-Blox_6732 m_TF18_E-Blox_6733 m_TF18_E-Blox_6734 m_TF18_E-Blox_6735 m_TF18_E-Blox_6736 m_TF18_E-Blox_6737 m_TF18_E-Blox_6738 m_TF18_E-Blox_6739 m_TF18_E-Blox_6740 m_TF18_E-Blox_6741 m_TF18_E-Blox_6742 m_TF18_E-Blox_6743 m_TF18_E-Blox_6744 m_TF18_E-Blox_6745 m_TF18_E-Blox_6746 m_TF18_E-Blox_6747 m_TF18_E-Blox_6748 m_TF18_E-Blox_6749 m_TF18_E-Blox_6750 m_TF18_E-Blox_6751 m_TF18_E-Blox_6752 m_TF18_E-Blox_6753 m_TF18_E-Blox_6754 m_TF18_E-Blox_6755 m_TF18_E-Blox2018-02-17 16.31.09

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