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    Toy Fair 2019: Batman & Spider-Man
    Hot Bionicle NewsSaturday, March 2nd, 2019 at 9:54pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    We've fallen a bit behind on our Toy Fair coverage, and now it's time to fix that. Today we're going to take a look the superhero themes that were on display - generic Batman and Spider-Man. There were no Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Shazam!, or Joker sets on display (not that I know there will be sets for all of those films), so we'll have to wait and see what comes out along those lines. Until then, let's get to it!


    Toy Fair 2019 Batman 01

    76116 Batman Batsub and the Underwater Crash

    Toy Fair 2019 Batman 06 Toy Fair 2019 Batman 07

    174 Pieces. 7+
    $19.99 (USD) 24.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    76117 Batman Mech vs. Poision Ivy Mech

    Toy Fair 2019 Batman 08 Toy Fair 2019 Batman 09

    375 Pieces. 7+
    $39.99 (USD) 49.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    As I mentioned above these sets aren't based on any particular movie or comic, just general themes that are Batman-related. I can't say any of the designs thrill me, and none of the minifigs jump out as being ones we've never seen before, so I'm really not all that excited by what we saw.

    Batman Licensing

    Toy Fair 2019 Batman 02 Toy Fair 2019 Batman 03 Toy Fair 2019 Batman 04 Toy Fair 2019 Batman 05

    We also got to see some of the licensed products based on LEGO Batman. Some dated all the way back to The LEGO Batman Movie, but if you're a kid who loves bricks and caped crusaders, I'm sure there's something there you'd like.


    Toy Fair 2019 Spider-Man 01

    76113 Spider-Man Bike Rescue

    Toy Fair 2019 Spider-Man 03

    235 Pieces. 6+
    $19.99 (USD) 24.99 (CAD)
    Available in December

    76114 Spider-Man's Spider Crawler

    Toy Fair 2019 Spider-Man 06

    418 Pieces. 7+
    $39.99 (USD) 49.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    76115 Spider Mech vs. Venom

    Toy Fair 2019 Spider-Man 07

    604 Pieces. 4+
    $49.99 (USD) 59.99 (CAD)
    Available in December

    76133 Spider-Man Car Chase

    Toy Fair 2019 Spider-Man 02

    52 Pieces. 4+
    $9.99 (USD) 13.99 (CAD)
    Available in January

    76134 Spider Man: Doc Ock Diamond Heist

    Toy Fair 2019 Spider-Man 04 Toy Fair 2019 Spider-Man 05

    150 Pieces. 4+
    $29.99 (USD) 39.99 (CAD)
    Available in December

    I wouldn't call myself a Spider-Man expert, but I've read a few comics and seen a few movies in my day. And in none of those do I recall Spidey having a motorcycle, mech, car, etc. So all of these sets seem kind of silly to me. They do have some great figs, but I believe most are ones we've seen other versions of before, so Miles and 2099 aren't as exciting this time around. If there's one standout it's 76115 - I really like the design of the Venom mech and Spider-Gwen is a new figure, so at least there's something cool to pick up while we wait to see if Far From Home gets any sets.

    It was pretty disappointing to only see sets that were already out, and even then the Captain Marvel set that's already in stores wasn't on display. I understand the desire to avoid spoilers, but anything is appreciated over nothing. Still if you're a fan of the Dark Knight or Spidey, there's probably one or two you might pick up for the figs. If you missed any of our other Toy Fair coverage thus far, you can check it all out right here. Until next time - Excelsior!

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