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    What is Christian Faber Planning?
    Hot Bionicle NewsThursday, April 4th, 2019 at 11:16pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    On Monday Bionicle co-creator Christian Faber made an Instagram post of what could be interpreted as a Bionicle Gen 3 logo with the caption, "What if there is an undiscovered way back? A secret path to reset destiny. How many of you would join? #14B2020 The wave of inspiration from one single post is totally amazing. You are the best! This is all the fuel anybody could wish for!" Given the date, most believed this was just an April Fools joke, but it seems that there could more. The post has since gained eight hundred likes and over three hundred comments, including some interesting and mysterious replies from Mr. Faber. Read on to see more!

    Many of us have been following Christian Faber since he became more active on social media, left Advance - the ad agency that has worked with LEGO on many themes and product launches over the years - and began working on his Rebel Nature project. As far as I'm aware based on public posts, he is not actively working with LEGO anymore, but after 28 years with Advance I'm sure he has plenty of connections. So there's no evidence that he is doing anything official with our favorite bricks. But he certainly still seems interested in Bionicle, as you can see from the below two comments he made on his Instagram post.

    "Dear Tyler, I am not working at LEGO so I can't decide products or launches, but I know that the fans have an amazing power if we join forces. So this is a small test from my side to measure the mood :) I would love to be part of a new round and I am trying to move into position. Who knows...?"

    "Dear aleschyr. I must stress that I am not working on an official LEGO project. So there is no hidden launch date. I'm seeing 2020 as a perfect chance to start looking forward instead of back. This is a future vision of what the legend has become. I will try to get as much interaction with the community as possible and then go for the funding. Maybe even the name has to Evolve."

    So what's the takeaway here? Christian Faber has been very vocal in his appreciation of the fans that have supported Bionicle over the years, and knows we're still out here. My interpretation of the comments is that he's interested in creating a spiritual successor to Bionicle, perhaps without the involvement of LEGO, focusing on the key aspects of the story and design that captured so many of our hearts well over a decade ago. I'm curious to see what that would look like with no LEGO sets on store shelves and without the marketing might of a large company, but if anyone can make a successful unofficial continuation of the Biological Chronicle it's Faber. What do you think about all this? Let us know in the Talkback!

    Discuss This Story

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