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    The Rest of the Map
    Hot Bionicle NewsWednesday, November 19th, 2008 at 7:04pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager
    [Source: Toa of Protodermis, Populus]

    Yesterday we gave you news of a map of the Bionicle world that was released in Poland. As any story aficionado could have told you, there were some parts missing from that map. Today we have the remaining part, read on to check it out!

    I've included the image from yesterday to give a sense of the entire area. A translation of the new content is below.

    map of bionicle realm
    Bionicle Map Part 2

    Toa of Protodermis' translation reads as follows:

    Hidden Islands:(In the left)
    Mata Nui - localized right above Metru Nui. The Great Cataclysm has created the passage between those two islands. Matorans lived on Mata Nui until Takanuva beat Teridax, and as Takutanuva opened the gate in Mangai

    Karda Nui - "The Core of The Universe" is lying right beneath the Southern Continent. However, it is not part of the Continent - It's in a dome, of which the Continent is the roof.

    Mahri Nui - fragment of Voya Nui, which was torn off during GC. It sank in the waters of The Pit, right below Voya Nui. Mahri Nui was later completely destroyed, as a result of Voya Nui coming back to become part of The Continent once more.

    In the right:
    Wyspa Keetongu - Keetongu's Island.

    General Information
    Matoran Universe consists of many domes of different sizes, connected with each other. Inside them are two great continents, and many other inhabited, or uninhabited islands, surrounded by silver sea of liquid protodermis. Most of known races live in the northern part of the universe, while Southern Continent is inhabited only by few thousand Matoran. The other races include Makuta, Skakdi, Vortix and Zyglak. Southern regions of the universe hasn't been discovered by the Matoran yet. It is said, that there are many odd lands, inhabited by unknown beings. The southernmost known part of the universe is the island of Artidax. What lies further, is still a mystery.

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