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    LEGO Sightings at NYCC
    Hot Bionicle NewsFriday, October 21st, 2011 at 4:49pm
    [Source: Kohaku]

    New York Comic Con was last weekend at the Javits Center in New York City. Maybe not as cool as Toy Fair, but still a lot of fun. BZPower Blog Assistant Kohaku was there, and while LEGO did not have an official presence, there were still some things for LEGO fans to see. Read on to check out his report and pictures.

    New York Comic Con is a place where comics, cartoons, toys, movies, anime, manga, video games, and Doctor Who collide. Even though LEGO did not have a booth, they still had a slight presence at the convention. Hopefully next year with the advent of the LEGO Super Heroes line they will have a booth, especially because it would help them compete with their largest competitor, Megablocks, who did have a large presence in the lobby, at the Megabrands booth.

    NYCC 2011 01
    Where is Waldo?

    One of the first places to go for a Bionicle fan would have been a booth in the Artist Alley where our former comic artist Stuart Sayger was selling and showing off his work. I got to stop by and have a quick chat with Mr. Sayger about his work with Bionicle. The quotes are paraphrased to make them concise.

    I did tell him how much I loved the feel of his style and he replied by saying, 'That's really great to hear, I know there was a great divide where half the people loved it and half the people hated it.'

    NYCC 2011 02
    Mr. Sayger signing Bionicle Ignition #5

    He brought a more organic feel to Bionicle. 'When they (LEGO) sent the sets, I tried to figure out how to best incorporate my style, I'm not really a robot person.'

    When we got to discussing the comic, he told us that, 'Axonn is [his] favorite character, and if you look at the work done on him, it really shows.'

    NYCC 2011 03
    Mr. Sayger's favorite panel.

    We then discussed his favorite panel: the page where Vezon tells his origins on what happened when he touched the Mask of Life. It is his favorite panel because he, 'loved the kind of ominous feel of the staircase.'

    As a note, when meeting him he told me that I looked 'really freaky.' I guess when you come up looking like I did that happens.

    NYCC 2011 04
    The Mustard of Doom is strong with Fawful, or Fawhaku, if you prefer.

    Afterwards, I picked up Ignition #5 for $3 and got his autograph we departed for more convention adventures (or conventures for short) and came across another interesting booth, the booth for MakerBot Industries.

    NYCC 2011 05
    This is a MakerBot.

    MakerBot is an open source 3D printer you build yourself, it allows you to print with plastic and create things that are up to 5"x5"x5" in size. One of the owners of one has created a minifig with their Makerbot.

    NYCC 2011 06
    Giant minifig is giant.

    Did I mention it was a giant minifig? If you wish to create your own you can get the MakerBot kit from for the low price of $1,299.00 USD. The minifig design can be found here.

    There were also a few booths selling sealed minifigs from Series 1 through Series 5, for $5 a pack.

    NYCC 2011 07
    Who knew so many people could fit in one building?

    All in all New York Comic Con was a fun event to attend, although I hope LEGO has a larger presence next year. I will also have more coverage up in my blog in a few days including more pictures of the convention and the fun cosplay.

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