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    BZPower Author Gets Published
    BZPowerWednesday, September 26th, 2012 at 2:33pm by Sean, BZPower Reporter
    [Source: GaliGee]

    Occasionally, the little hobbies we embrace online here on BZPower can lead to something we actually do professionally. (Just take Binkmeister, whose work as BZP staff led to him becoming's webmaster) Now, while this isn't exactly a change in occupation, our very own GaliGee has successfully gotten her metafiction novel, Drawn to Disaster published.

    Most well known here for stories in the Epics forum like Makuta Island and Tangled Web, GaliGee has now gotten her own book published with follows much along the same lines as her Makuta stories. The book is available for purchase here, and you can visit Lily Gee's website (Lily Gee is the pseudonym GaliGee uses) for more information about it, as well as read the first chapter of Drawn to Disaster. I know that GaliGee's Stories were what got me on BZPower in the first place, so I would suggest you go ahead and check it out.

    Oh, and she also happens to credit BZPower as one of her inspirations, so we might as well continue serving as inspiration for GaliGee, as well as all the other talented authors that are still posting their fanfics in the Library forum. So go ahead and pay "Lily Gee's" website and our own Library forum a visit.

    Discuss This Story

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