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    Support Bionicle and BZPower at LEGO Fan Conventions
    BZPowerWednesday, December 26th, 2012 at 2:23pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    The new year is almost here and that means the LEGO convention circuit will be starting soon. The first big event is BrickFair Alabama, taking place January 17-20 in Birmingham. The Bionicle display last year was pretty nonexistent, and we want to change that this year. In fact, we want to make sure the Bionicle display at a bunch of events is amazing - and we need your help. Read on to see what you can do.

    UPDATE: BrickFair Alabama is over, so this article has been updated for Bricks Cascade. You can ignore anything that has been struck out.

    The Bionicle theme coordinators from four events are collaborating to help make sure Bionicle is well-represented. We want to make it easy for you guys to have your MOCs on display at as many events as possible, and we'll do our best to reward you for doing so. BrickFair Alabama is right around the corner, so you'll have to act fast to get in on that event. To make all this work, there's a lot of planning that has to happen, so please bear with us and the large paperwork trail required. We need to know what you are sending and what events you would like your creations to appear at. BrickFair Alabama is in January Bricks Cascade is in March and the last event we're covering, BrickFair Virginia, is in August, so this is a long-term commitment, but we plan to do our best to compensate you. We also have to worry about shipping costs. I've created the below to help organize things for the coordinators and the builders. When you PM me, please include answers to ALL the below questions.

    BrickFair AL 2013 - January 17-20, Birmingham, Alabama
    How are you sending MOCs?

    • I'm bringing them (in person)
    • I'm shipping them
    • I'm not sending MOCs to this event

    How are you getting your MOCs back?

    • I'm taking them (in person)
    • I want them shipped back (include return shipping from Birmingham, AL 35203)
    • I want them shipped to Bricks Cascade (include $4 per Toa-sized MOC, $8 per Titan-sized MOC, or total cost of shipping you paid for BrickFair AL, whichever is less)

    Bricks Cascade 2013 - March 7-10, Portland, Oregon
    How are you sending MOCs?

    • I'm bringing them (in person)
    • I'm shipping them
    • They're being shipped from BrickFair AL 2013
    • I'm not sending MOCs to this event

    How are you getting your MOCs back?

    • I'm taking them (in person)
    • I want them shipped back (include return shipping from Portland, OR 97232)
    • I want them shipped to BrickFair NE 2013 (include $4 per Toa-sized MOC, $8 per Titan-sized MOC, or total cost of shipping you paid for Bricks Cascade, whichever is less)
    • I want them brought to BrickFair VA 2013 (include $5 to cover baggage fees)

    BrickFair NE 2013 - May 9-12, Manchester, New Hampshire
    How are you sending MOCs?

    • I'm bringing them (in person)
    • I'm shipping them
    • They're being shipped from Bricks Cascade 2013
    • I'm not sending MOCs to this event

    How are you getting your MOCs back?

    • I'm taking them (in person)
    • I want them shipped back (include return shipping from Bel Air, MD 21014)
    • I want them brought to BrickFair VA 2013 (free)

    BrickFair VA 2013 - August 1-4, Chantilly, Virginia
    How are you sending MOCs?

    • I'm bringing them (in person)
    • I'm shipping them
    • They're being brought from Bricks Cascade 2013
    • They're being brought from BrickFair NE 2013
    • I'm not sending MOCs to this event

    How are you getting your MOCs back?

    • I'm taking them (in person)
    • I want them shipped back (include return shipping from Chantilly, VA 20153)

    Now you may be saying, "that's a lot of money for shipping and I won't see my MOCs for months, what's in it for me?" Don't worry, we've thought of that.


    • For each event your MOCs appear at, you get one prototype part
    • If your MOCs appear at two or more events, you get a Proto boost
    • If your MOCs appear at three or more events, you get a custom rank title of your choice (to be approved by the Administration)
    • If your MOCs appear at four or more events, you get a free six month Premier Membership (No longer available except to those who shipped their MOCs to BrickFair Alabama.)
    • Your MOCs will be seen by tens of thousands of people, inspiring children and adults around the country
    • Many awesome pictures will be taken of your MOCs by BZPower staff and members and will appear on the front page
    • We will try to get other goodies to return with your MOCs if we can - who doesn't like surprises?

    But wait, there's more!

    Blog Assistant Nukaya has volunteered her time and talent to take professional studio-quality pictures of your MOCs if you send them to three or more events. Here's the scoop:

    • You can have up to three pictures taken. The pictures can be of three different MOCs, the same MOC in three different poses, or some combination therof.
    • If she has the time/is feeling generous, you might get more pictures.
    • Pictures can be standard photographs (Example) or fancy (Example).
    • Only one MOC can be in each photo. No group shots of multiple MOCs will be taken.
    • PM Nukaya to let her know which MOCs you want pictures of and if you want standard or fancy.
    • Any questions about the process can be directed to Nukaya as well.

    Please note, the above perks stack, so if you send MOCs to all four events, you will get four prototype parts, a Proto boost, custom rank title, professional photographs, and a Premier Membership. Pretty cool, right?

    Obviously this is all going to cost something, and information on shipping costs to be included are mentioned above. There are several ways you can send us the money:

    • Include cash in your package (not recommended for international shippers)
    • Include check or money order in your package (PM Black Six for information on who to make it out to)
    • Send money via PayPal (PM Black Six for PayPal account information)

    Any money left over after all shipping is done will go to support BZPower via hosting costs, contest prizes, and future events like this.

    Here are some requirements and tips for shipping your MOCs:

    • All MOCs MUST be shipped inside a ziploc bag, one MOC per bag, unless they are small, simple MOCs.
      MOCs often break in transit and a ziploc bag will contain the parts and keep them from getting mixed up.
    • If your MOC is especially large, break it up into sections and put each in a bag.
    • Each ziploc should have your username and the name of your MOC. This can either be written on the bag in permanent marker or written on a slip of paper and inserted in the bag.
    • DO NOT use packing peanuts or similar packing - they make a big mess. Bubble wrap and tissue paper or newsprint are best.
    • Include two copies of your return address in the box.
    • Pictures of the completed MOC should be included, as well as a few simple building steps if necessary.
      Put your username and the MOC name on the pictures to help keep things from getting mixed up.

    If you've read the above and want to participate, here's what you need to do:

    • PM Watashi Wa for his address if you are shipping for stuff to BrickFair Alabama.
      If you don't want to send things to BrickFair Alabama, we'll have shipping information for future events soon.
    • PM DeeVee to let him know you are sending something to Bricks Cascade. MOCs should be shipped to:
      Patrick Biggs
      230 NE 99th Avenue
      Portland, OR 97220
    • PM Black Six with your answers to the above questions so I can keep track of everyone's MOCs.
      Also include what MOCs you are sending, as well as descriptions of the creations (for MOC cards), links to BZPower topics, Brickshelf galleries, or any other pictures or info on your MOC.
    • Figure out how much money you need to include/send.
    • Package up your MOCs, along with pictures, return address info, and money (if not sending via PayPal)
    • Ship the packages. Confirm that they will arrive at their destination by Wednesday, March 6, 2013.
    • Send payment via PayPal if applicable.

    Please note: failure to follow the above instructions and recommendations could significantly delay the time it takes to get your MOCs back. We will do our best to return everything, but if we are missing information or payment, it will take longer.


    Can I send art?
    Yes! Follow the same process as above. If you are sending artwork, we suggest getting a large printout from somewhere like Staples or Kinkos and send it in a shipping tube

    I want to build something new, but don't have enough time for BrickFair Alabama. What do I do?
    You can send some existing MOCs you have to BFAL and then your new stuff to the next event you're able to. If there's enough room, we'll combine everything and send you one box back, otherwise you'll recieve multiple packages when all is said and done.

    I want to send stuff but don't want to wait until August to see it again. Can I get it back after each event?
    Yes, if you include return shipping we can send it back to you after an event and you can then ship it to the next one. This will likely be more expensive though, and we do not recommend it.

    Where do I ship things if I don't want to send them to BrickFair Alabama Bricks Cascade?
    We will have shipping information for other events in the near future.

    Can I just send one MOC and still get the perks?
    Yes, you aren't required to send multiple MOCs. But the more the merrier!

    Will perks be rewarded to pieces of art?
    You bet!

    Do we get perks if we bring MOCs in person to multiple events?
    Yes, if you bring them it still counts as long as you let us know in advance so we can keep track of them.

    My printer is broken so I can't include pictures, what do I do?
    While we really prefer it if you include at least a couple actual pictures, you can send us links to them on the Internet. In fact, we suggest everyone sends us additional pictures digitally, via BZP topics, Brickshelf galleries, or otherwise. We'll have smart phones and laptops on hand to look them up on, and having more angles will make it easier to reassemble your MOCs.

    I live in [insert country here]. Can I participate? How much do I have to pay?
    Yes, everyone is welcome to participate! Please note, all costs above are in US Dollars. You will be responsible for paying the shipping costs from your country to the first event your MOCs will be displayed at. Then you need to include the appropriate amount based on the rules above to get your MOCs to additional events. Finally, you will need to include the same amount it cost you to send your MOCs to us, but converted to US Dollars. We suggest using PayPal for sending the money as it's less of a pain to deal with customs and will handle the conversions for you. Most importantly - check with your post office to find out how long it will take your MOCs to be delivered and send them with as much time to spare as you can.

    I'm still confused...
    PM Black Six or post in the Talkback.

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