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    Toy Fair 2013: Star Wars
    Hot Bionicle NewsWednesday, February 13th, 2013 at 8:05pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    LEGO's longest-running and biggest license is the subject of this batch of Toy Fair coverage. That's right, you all wanted to see sets from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! What does this perennial moneymaker have to offer in 2013? Read on to see!

    Winter Sets

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 03 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 04 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 07 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 06 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 01 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 02 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 11 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 05

    Here's the sets that are out right now - an interesting variety. I'm a big fan of the A-Wing; I think they finally clinched the design of this classic vehicle. The Umbaran MHC is pretty awesome too. And of course there's the Rancor. A nice selection all together.

    Collectible Planets

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 08 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 09 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 10

    The collectible planets seem to have been a big hit, so of course the line will be continuing. They only had the first series for 2013 on display, so no Snowspeeder, B-Wing, or Tantive IV. The mini vehicles are great, as are the variety of minifigures. It's definitely a great series for hardcore fans.

    75015 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 12

    I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time we've seen the Tank Droid, but the build is great and the three minifigs offer a good diversity among the factions. At $19.99 it seems like a steal too if you're a fan.

    75022 Mandalorian Speeder

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 13 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 14

    I don't watch the Clone Wars TV series, so I have no idea how accurate or not this set is. It seems like a decent size, and $24.99 for it, two Mandalorians with great detail jobs, and cybernetic Darth Maul seems pretty good. I'm loving the Darth Maul minifig, honestly, and am sure tons of other fans will too.

    75016 Homing Spider Droid

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 15

    I like the amount of articulation they managed to squeeze into the $29.99 Spider Droid. Unlike previous iterations and similar sets in the past, this one looks like you can actually pose it a bit. It also seems like Attack of the Clones is the movie tie in for this year, perhaps because it was originally going to be re-released in 3D?

    75017 Duel on Geonosis

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 24

    Hey look, another Attack of the Clones set. This iconic duel from the end of the movie seems to be decently-portrayed here. The architecture is nice, although I would have preferred fewer BURPs at $39.99. Also, I feel like it would have been more appropriate to include Obi-Wan and Anakin instead of Poggle the Lesser (was he even in that scene?) and a droid.

    75023 Star Wars Advent Calendar

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 16 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 23 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 22 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 21

    Looks like all the surprise from this year's advent calendar has been spoiled. Again, it's very AotC-heavy, but Jango Claus makes up for any bias in my opinion. $39.99 seems a bit high, but if past years are any indication it should have no problem selling.

    75018 Jek-14's Stealth Starfighter

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 25 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 26 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 27

    Someone's going to have to fill me in on what this set is about. It looks like a black E-Wing, which puts it squarely in the post-Empire time period, so I guess that makes it an Expanded Universe set? That's cool, I like the EU in general, although I'm not a huge fan of the model. The nose doesn't seem quite right and it's lacking the sleekness of other sets like the recent X-Wing. And for $69.99, although the minifigs are really awesome, I don't see myself considering purchasing this set.

    75019 AT-TE

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 28 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 29

    I've lost track of the number of iterations we've seen of this set (another Attack of the Clones model too, it would seem). It's definitely well done and includes Mace Windu and another interesting Jedi. It seems like a good value at $89.99 if you don't have one of the earlier versions.

    75020 Jabba's Sail Barge

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 17 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 18 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 30

    Now it's time for the seriously-huge Star Wars sets. At $119.99, the Sail Barge better be cool and it totally is. There's tons of details and it opens up so you can access the interior (even though it's never really shown in the movie). And the minifigs - what can't I say about Max Rebo and Ree-Yees! It's so good to finally see these characters, along with slave Leia, bartender R2-D2, a Weequay, and of course Jabba himself. I just wish I could justify the price for that adorable little Ortolan.

    75021 Republic Gunship

    Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 19 Toy Fair 2013 Star Wars 20

    Two $119.99 Star Wars sets in the same year? I'd say LEGO is crazy, but they know people are going to buy them. The gunship is massive and has a ton of detail, from the flick-fire magazines to the gun turrets on the sides. We get Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme, who all look great, plus some clones and battle droids. For those who don't have one of the earlier versions, this definitely belongs on your wishlist.

    Man, that was a lot of sets. It's like Star Wars is some huge cultural and money-making phenomenon. It's good to see the Disney buyout hasn't had an effect on the LEGO lineup. I hope you've enjoyed this batch of coverage, and remember, you can vote for what themes you want to see next. So keep checking back for more Toy Fair coverage on BZPower!

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