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    Toy Fair 2013: Friends, Games, and More
    Hot Bionicle NewsSaturday, February 16th, 2013 at 8:59am by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    Today on the Toy Fair front we have an interesting variety - Friends, Board Games, and the LEGO Booth. An odd combination, to be sure, but there's still some cool stuff to be seen. To check out what was on display, read on!


    Winter Sets

    Toy Fair 2013 Friends 01 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 02 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 03 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 04 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 05 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 06 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 08 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 11 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 12 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 13

    It may have taken a bit to gain the recognition it deserved, but clearly Friends is here to stay. The winter wave of sets has a wide variety, from the adorable animal polybags to a magic show. Other sets include a karate class, soccer practice, rock concert, and pool. They keep the trend of bright, vibrant colors going too, making all the sets look very exciting.

    Upcoming Sets

    Toy Fair 2013 Friends 07 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 09 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 14 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 15 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 16 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 17 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 18 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 19 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 20 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 21 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 22 Toy Fair 2013 Friends 23

    There's a lot more great sets coming up, including more animal polybags, a high school, advent calendar, and my personal favorite, the party boat. I'm sure a lot of people will be looking to pick up these sets once they hit store shelves.

    Toy of the Year Awards

    Toy Fair 2013 Friends 10 Toy Fair 2013 Toy of the Year 01 Toy Fair 2013 Toy of the Year 02

    We reported a little while ago about LEGO bringing in quite a few awards during Toy Fair. They were proudly on display for all to see. Congrats!


    Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 01 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 02 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 03 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 04 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 05 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 06 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 07 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 08 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 09 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 10 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 11 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 12 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 13 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 14 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 15 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 16 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 17 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 18 Toy Fair 2013 Board Games 19

    I'm not going to go into each game individually, but you can see all the images above. I really like what they're doing with the licensed Batman, Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings games - those microfigs are awesome. The Chima and Ninjago games have some nice printing on the figs as well. I feel that these little guys are helping to open up a whole new scale for builders.


    Toy Fair 2013 Booth 01 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 02 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 11 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 03 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 04 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 05 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 06 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 07 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 08 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 09 Toy Fair 2013 Booth 10

    LEGO had quite a large booth on display. The highlights were a couple large sculptures from Friends and Chima that definitely caught the eye, especially in the early-morning sun. My favorite part was the hedgehog. Many companies that have enclosed booths don't let you see anything, but LEGO had quite a few display cases to show off some of the already-released sets from this year. It was a pretty nice touch.

    Another batch of coverage in the books. I think there's only going to be one more, so I hope you're ready for Toy Fair to wrap. Keep checking back to see it and all the latest LEGO news, here on BZPower!

    Discuss This Story

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