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    BrickCon 2013 Wrapup
    Hot Bionicle NewsWednesday, January 1st, 2014 at 1:55pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    BrickFair Alabama is getting pretty close, which has convinced me that I should post coverage from the last event of 2013 that BZPower attended - BrickCon. Taking place in Seattle, the longest-running US fan convention featured a lot of impressive MOCs crammed into a pretty small space. To see what there was, read on!

    While it was unfortunately shoved in the back corner with no space for us to sit behind it, Bionicle was out in force. Lots of BZPower members showed up with their creations, some from as far as New Zealand, to help make it a great display. Lots of impressive creations, large and small, were present, and many oohs and aahs were heard.

    Pigs of Cow-actor
    A combination of the traditional BrickCon theme, 'Bricks of Character,' and their 2013 theme, 'Pigs VS Cows,' this section featured a lot of memorable faces from pop culture. Personally I was a fan of the Locutus bust, but there were plenty of other standouts, such as Godzilla, Sarge, and Bilbo Baggins.

    Battle and Superheroes
    There were a lot of great military MOCs in the Battle theme from periods all over history, as well as some sci-fi battles and even a constraction creation. The superheroes section was anchored by the impressive Batcave and Joker's Fun House, but make sure you catch the awesome space suit Iron Man too.

    Space and Mecha
    The scale of some of the creations here was mind-blowing. I loved the Blacktron Dalek, but you couldn't miss the Aurora or the Hub 14 collaboration by KeithLUG. There were plenty of smaller creations too that caught the eye, with interesting building styles and nice part usages.

    Castle, Pirates, and Steampunk
    Obviously the highlight here was the Hogwarts Castle complete with Quidditch pitch. No, wait, it was the Hobbiton diorama. No, definitely a giant Rivendell layout. Yes. The architecture and detailing on this were amazing, and everywhere you looked you spotted some new hidden thing to make you even more impressed. The other MOCs in these areas were cool too, but they all paled in comparison to Imladris.

    Art, Sculpture, Mosaic, Architecture, Microscale, and the Dark Side
    While I mashed up a lot of themes into this section, don't think that means you can give it a pass. Some of the architectural creations were very impressive, as were the mosaics and sculptures. Make sure you check out the two Bionicle mosaics, one of which is made entirely out of the famous 'hip' joints!

    Town & Train and Model Team Motors
    While there were a lot of great builds here, nothing really caught my eye. Still, give them all a look, especially the impressive display of Model Team scale cars!

    Technic, Robotics, and Great Ball Contraption
    I guess one thing I'm spoiled from on the East Coast is the impressive Great Ball Contraption layouts and Mindstorm robots. What was on display here was cool, but I really wish there had been more to see.

    Thanks everyone for reading, I hope you enjoyed checking out everything BrickCon 2013 had to show! One of my resolutions in 2014 is to be faster about getting coverage like this posted. Fingers crossed!

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