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    BrickFair Alabama 2015 Wrapup
    Hot Bionicle NewsThursday, February 5th, 2015 at 6:59pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    Last month BrickFair rolled into Alabama for the fourth time. Bigger and better than ever, the event boasted more public, more AFOLs, and more MOCs than ever before. There were a lot of great creations on display ranging in a variety of themes from Castle to Town. A couple local LEGO User Groups had layouts as well, showing off their collaborations. And of course BZPower was there representing Bionicle! Read on to see what the show had to offer!

    This was definitely one of the biggest Bionicle turnouts we've had at BrickFair Alabama - in large part due to you guys! The public loved the MOCs and there was a lot of talk about Bionicle coming back. One of the exhibitors even brought some of the new sets to show off to make sure people were aware of the revived theme. All in all it was a great display.

    Pop Culture
    As per usual, Pop Culture was home to a myriad of Star Wars displays, including an impressive Battle of Hoth diorama. Other popular themes included The LEGO Movie, Minecraft, Nintendo, and Harry Potter. The most impressive creation though, in my opinion, was the Hobbiton layout, with multiple levels, plenty of adorable hobbit-holes, and lots of hobbits to live in them with tons of other details and hidden gems if you looked closely.

    Space had a pretty good turnout, with some impressive SHIPs and a cool neo-Classic Space layout. I was partial to the Ice Planet-themed ship, but there were plenty of cool spacecraft to check out!

    Castle wasn't a very big theme theme this year, but there were some great MOCs, from small castles to large sea forts. For some, you had to walk behind them in order to take in all of the details. The giant pirate ships were also awesome and impressive in all the little things the builders snuck in.

    As BrickFair keeps growing, so too does Mini-Con! Each iteration has more and more miniature MOCs and miniland-scale people populating it. There's still more work to do but it's crazy to see the LEGO convention inside of a LEGO convention.

    Town & Train
    There was a good variety of creations in the Town & Train display, ranging from retro like the classic McDonald's to impressive like the giant Space Shuttle. The latter model won the public favorite award very deservingly.

    Great Ball Contraption
    Tom, Stuart, and Mr. Red brought their A-game and managed to put on an impressive GBC display. From talking to them, there were relatively few problems with the modules and things ran quite smoothly. They drew great crowds during both public days and blew the minds of kids and adults alike!

    The Tennessee Valley LEGO Club put together a great display with lots of trains and a whole city. There were a ton of little hidden vignettes if you knew where to look, including a Bionicle sighting! The club even put a camera on one of their trains so you could get a train's-eye view of the action.

    Sometimes I think this should really be called the 'Mark Staffa display,' considering most of the MOCs in the display are his. They're all very impressive though, and include real-world locations like parts of Rutgers University and the Yankee's spring-training facility in Tampa as well as some nifty little easter eggs like Optimus Prime. It never gets old to look at and is a little different each time.

    For everything else, there's Mixed. There was a wide variety of MOCs spread throughout, with some personal standouts like the Donkey Kong and Zelda vignettes. It was a good variety and meant there was something for everyone.

    Todd, who runs BrickFair, did an interesting experiment at this event. We all hate the clone brands and copycats that try to ride on the coattails of LEGO, so why not call them out to help raise public awareness? It was an interesting display, although I'm not sure how many people took the time to look at it.

    BrickFair Alabama was a great event and I think it's safe to say everyone had a great time. I know people are already planning for next year and figuring out how to make it even bigger and better. I can't wait to see how it goes and hope some of you can join me to check it out!

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