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    Toy Fair 2017: Digital and Robotics
    Hot Bionicle NewsTuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 12:00am by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    Today we're looking at the last themes that were on display at the LEGO booth at Toy Fair 2017 (although this may not be our last look). For years LEGO has dabbled in expanding their experience beyond attaching bricks to one another and these days has quite the variety of interactive experiences. There's videogames like LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Worlds, its new social network LEGO Life, and robotics kits including Mindstorms and Boost. Let's check out what they were showing off at the fair!

    LEGO Dimensions

    Toy Fair 2017 Dimensions 01

    71244 Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack

    Toy Fair 2017 Dimensions 04

    101 pieces. Age 7+
    $29.99 (USD) $29.99 (CAD)
    Available now

    Both of the vehicles in this pack look sharp, and I especially like the plane. Had you told me as a kid that Sonic would be a LEGO figure twenty years later I wouldn't have been able to wrap my head around it, but there he is, and I love the life preserver piece used as his trademark ring,

    71253 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack

    Toy Fair 2017 Dimensions 05

    261 pieces. Age 7+
    $49.99 (USD) $$.99 (CAD)
    Available now

    I think the MACUSA portal, while simple, is effective and has some nice pieces like the brown life preservers and Nexo Knight shields. The Niffler build is pretty adorable and has some great parts of its own. If you're a fan of J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World, this set might be worth picking up even if you don't have the game.

    71264 The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack

    Toy Fair 2017 Dimensions 06

    156 pieces. Age 7+
    $44.99 (USD) $44.99 (CAD)
    Available now

    To go along with the new film, we get a new story pack for LEGO Dimensions (which probably means that we won't get a standalone game). I'm glad that it doesn't include Batman since he comes with the base game, and instead we get the other two main characters. The Batwing build looks great, but I feel like the bat-computer portal is a bit sparse.

    71286 Knight Rider Fun Pack

    Toy Fair 2017 Dimensions 02

    55 pieces. Age 7+
    $14.99 (USD) $14.99 (CAD)
    Available now

    LEGO revives another 80s property in LEGO Dimensions with Knight Rider, meaning we get a minifigure of David Hasselhoff. KITT looks good but isn't really anything special in my opinion.

    71344 Excalibur Batman Fun Pack

    Toy Fair 2017 Dimensions 03

    57 pieces. Age 7+
    $14.99 (USD) $14.99 (CAD)
    Available now

    We do get one new Batman for LEGO Dimensions and it's a good one. I love the design of Batman as a knight in shining armor and am curious to see how that plays in the game. The horse reminds me a little bit of some of the Nexo Knights horse builds, but does a good job of setting itself apart.

    LEGO Worlds

    Toy Fair 2017 Worlds 01

    LEGO Worlds will be released next week on Xbox One and Playstation 4 as well as Steam for PC. I haven't had a chance to play the final version yet, but it seems like a lot of fun and I hope to pick it up at some point for our Twitch Tuesday streams.

    LEGO Life

    Toy Fair 2017 LEGO Life 01 Toy Fair 2017 LEGO Life 02

    I still need to get around to checking out the new LEGO Life app as well, but you can check out the full press release to see what it offers.

    LEGO Boost

    Toy Fair 2017 Boost 01

    17101 LEGO Boost

    Toy Fair 2017 Boost 02 Toy Fair 2017 Boost 03 Toy Fair 2017 Boost 04 Toy Fair 2017 Boost 05 Toy Fair 2017 Boost 06 Toy Fair 2017 Boost 07 Toy Fair 2017 Boost 08

    843 pieces. Age 7+
    $159.99 (USD) $199.99 (CAD)
    Available in August

    I didn't have a chance to see any of the robots do their thing at Toy Fair, but each of the five models has its own unique style to it, even if they do sometimes look a bit haphazard. I like the idea of a simpler programmable brick to get kids into that mindset earlier, and hope it's successful.

    LEGO Mindstorms

    31313 Mindstorms EV3

    Toy Fair 2017 Mindstorms 01

    601 pieces. Age 10+
    $349.99 (USD) $399.99 (CAD)
    Available now

    There's nothing new for Mindstorms this year, but I guess LEGO wants to make sure we realize that it and Boost are coexisting.

    This story concludes our main coverage of the LEGO Booth at Toy Fair 2017. If you want to see everything that was there, you can check out all of our stories right here. There was a lot of other stuff going on at Toy Fair related to LEGO, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on BZPower in the coming weeks as we share all of it with you!

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