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    LEGO Shares Star Wars: The Last Jedi Set Details
    Hot Bionicle NewsThursday, August 31st, 2017 at 10:53pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    As if the announcement of 75192 Millennium Falcon wasn't enough Star Wars news today, LEGO has also shared official images, prices, and descriptions of a collection of sets based on Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, including four new Buildable Figures! All of these sets will be available on Force Friday II, which is tomorrow, September 1st! In reality, many places are selling them already, and the images have leaked in the past month or so, but it's nice to finally get the high quality ones along with the associated info. Read on to check them all out!

    75176 - Resistance Transport Pod

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 01 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 02

    Ages: 8-14 Pieces: 294

    RRP: $29.99 USD, $39.99 CAD

    Escape to safety in the Resistance Transport Pod. Open the cockpit, seat Finn and Rose and launch! If our heroes run into trouble, turn the engine to aim the stud shooter or roll the wheel to fire the spring-loaded shooters! Now has anyone seen BB-8?

    75177 - First Order Heavy Scout Walker

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 04 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 03

    Ages: 9-14 Pieces: 554

    RRP: $49.99 USD, $64.99 CAD

    Go in search of Resistance fighters in the amazing First Order Heavy Scout Walker. Place General Hux in the cockpit and send orders to the Flametrooper. Give the walker a push and see the crawling legs start to move! When you spot the enemy, raise the spring-loaded shooters and get ready to fire!

    75179 - Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 05 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 06

    Ages: 8-14 Pieces: 630

    RRP: $79.99 USD, $99.99 CAD

    The Resistance has been spotted! Put Kylo into the cockpit of his super-fast TIE Fighter and blast off in hot pursuit. When you get close, push the triggers to fire the spring-loaded missiles and send those Resistance ships spinning out of control!

    75187 - BB-8

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 07 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 08

    Ages: 10-16 Pieces: 1106

    RRP: $99.99 USD, $129.99 CAD

    Own your very own LEGO BB-8! Turn the wheel to spin the head and turn another to open the hatch and see the welding torch pop out, just like it did in the movie! You can also sit BB-8 on the stand so you can show your friendly droid to all your friends when they come to visit!

    75188 - Resistance Bomber

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 09 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 10

    Ages: 9-14 Pieces: 780

    RRP: $109.99 USD, $139.99 CAD

    Join Poe and Vice Admiral Holdo as they set out on daring raids aboard the Resistance Bomber! Jump Paige into the rear gun turrets and fend off enemy ships or fire the spring-loaded shooters for extra firepower. When you reach your target, press the trigger to release the bombs and send the enemy troops running for cover. Good luck, Captain!

    75189 - First Order Assault Walker

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 11 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 12

    Ages: 9-14 Pieces: 1376

    RRP: $149.99 USD, $169.99 CAD

    Grab the First Order Heavy Assault Walker and lumber into battle against Poe, Rey and the Resistance allies. Fire the head-mounted spring-loaded shooters and take aim with the rapid-fire stud shooter on top. When you run short on ammo, open the compartments and reload. In the Resistance fighters get too close, drop the mines at the back to give them a big surprise! Can the Resistance defeat this tough walker? That’s for you to decide…

    75190 - First Order Star Destroyer

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 14 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 13

    Ages: 9-14 Pieces: 1416

    RRP: $159.99 USD, $179.99 CAD

    Join Supreme Leader Snoke as he rules the galaxy aboard the mighty First Order Star Destroyer! Fire the stud shooters to defeat enemy ships and then open the panels to play inside. Ride the elevator to Snoke’s command center and issue orders to the mini hologram. Give the fleet orders from the bridge, prepare for battle in the conference area, get the droids aboard and monitor the ship from the control room. When you’re ready to move out, grab the handle on top and zoom into action at hyperspeed!

    75526 - Elite TIE Fighter Pilot

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 15 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 16

    Ages: 8-14 Pieces: 94

    RRP: $19.99 USD, $24.99 CAD

    Buckle up and get ready for action with the Elite TIE Fighter Pilot! Build this intimidating figure with red-striped helmet and breathing system and then put him in a battle pose. Arm his spring-loaded blaster rifle and you’re ready to take on the Resistance!

    75528 - Rey

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 17 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 18

    Ages: 8-14 Pieces: 85

    RRP: $24.99 USD, $29.99 CAD

    Awaken the power of the Force with buildable action hero Rey! Put her in a battle pose and gear her up with her blue Lightsaber and blaster pistol. If she runs into trouble, turn the wheel to take a swing at the First Order troopers!

    75529 - Elite Praetorian Guard

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 19 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 20

    Ages: 8-14 Pieces: 92

    RRP: $24.99 USD, $29.99 CAD

    Protect the First Order with Supreme Leader Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guard. Reach for the awesome 2-handed bladed staff with lasers, or separate it to create 2 smaller weapons. Put this amazing guard dressed in tough red armor in a fearsome battle pose, then move the lever to swing the arms and send opponents running for cover!

    75530 - Chewbacca

    2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 21 2017-08-31 Star Wars Reveal 22

    Ages: 8-14 Pieces: 179

    RRP: $34.99 USD, $44.99 CAD

    Roar into battle with everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca! Strap on his ammo belt and bag, grab his spring-loaded bowcaster and put him in a cool battle pose. This is the biggest, baddest (yet still lovable) LEGO Wookiee ever!

    Thanks goes to LEGO for sharing this information with BZPower! I think I'm most excited for the Praetorian Guard and the new pieces and recolors it has - how about you? Let us know your favorites in the Talkback!

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