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    LEGO Goals 2018 - What Is It?
    Hot Bionicle NewsFriday, May 18th, 2018 at 1:31pm by Andrew, BZPower News Manager

    Yesterday LEGO invited members from the press and select LEGO fansites to attend their first ever #LEGOGoals event in New York City. Hopefully you've seen the pictures and video we posted on social media and those that our friends at FBTB and The Brothers Brick posted as well. We're going to go into more detail on many of the sets soon, but I thought I'd start by talking about the event itself and my thoughts on it, as well as show off some of the non-set creations that were on display. so let's get to it!

    I think this event could best be described as Toy Fair 2018, Part 2. We all noticed that there were a lot less sets on display at Toy Fair this year, with very few from the second half of 2018 being shpwn. Many of those sets were being presented at the #LEGOGoals event, so we got to see them in person. There were still things missing though, like many rumored BrickHeadz sets, Elves, some more Star Wars sets, and I'm sure others we'll come across as we start delving into the press material LEGO sent us. Which brings me to my next thought. Leading up to the event, LEGO announced many of the sets we saw at the event online, complete with high resolution images and most of the details we usually don't learn until an event like Toy Fair. The lid had already been lifted on all of the Harry Potter and Unikitty sets, which were probably the biggest new things on display. There were also many sets that were being shown off that were already on store shelves like the Solo: A Star Wars Story models and all of the non-Harry Potter BrickHeadz. At the end of the event, we all were sent pictures of all of the models that were on display and more, so sites that weren't present actually had a slight advantage of being able to post things faster.

    So essentially this was a marketing/PR event, designed to bring the media to talk to LEGO people and get them excited and interested in reporting on them. LEGO fan media were definitely not the main audience, especially when people from the likes of The New York Times were there. We certainly appreciate being invited and thankfully were able to make it work out that we could attend, but I'm sure LEGO knows that we would have covered the new sets regardless. This was more for mainstream media and toy media to get them excited for new LEGO sets and get them writing and social media-ing about the company and the brand. Which is fine and exactly what marketing and PR is supposed to do!

    The rub is that we're used to learning about all of these sets at Toy Fair in February, and now it's looking like we're going to have to wait until May each year to get the full picture. Meanwhile a lot of the sets, like the new City Arctic and the Trains, had already leaked, which steals the thunder from LEGO a bit, at least from the hardcore fan perspective. But most toy buyers out there aren't scouring the Internet for the latest blurry images of LEGO sets, so for most people all of this was brand new. I talked a bit with Ace and Andrew from FBTB and The Brothers Brick about whether or not we would see all of the sets at Toy Fair again next year and not have an event like this, and the more I think about it the more unlikely it seems. Splitting things up might cost more for LEGO, since they have to pay to organize an entirely separate event, but it also means it brings LEGO into the spotlight a second time. Instead of Gizmodo or Techradar or whoever only reporting on new products in February, they get another bump in May, which is closer to when people will actually be able to buy the sets, and that makes sense from a marketing standpoint.

    LEGO Goals 2018 Other 01 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 02 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 03 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 04 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 05 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 06 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 07 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 08 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 09 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 10 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 11 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 12 LEGO Goals 2018 Other 13

    This event was also an opportunity to show off some cool large scale models that could be used for photo-ops and sharing on social media, which is of course something else the marketing team loves I'm sure. I wasn't really into sitting in a LEGO chair under some snowflakes, but to each their own.

    Overall the LEGO Goals event was fun, and I'm glad I was able to attend. My personal wish (and I'm sure one many of you share) is that we could see everything at once, but such is the way of the social media world these days. We'll have to wait and see what 2019 holds and if they host an event like this again. Let us know in the Talkback what you think of these developments and if you think we should make the effort to attend again next year if it happens. You can check out all of our coverage from the event on the landing page, once that page is posted.

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