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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
[Source: Zatth]
Today Forum Assistant Zatth gives us his first set review on the front page. He's decided to take a look at 21020 Trevi Fountain from the LEGO Architecture theme. To see whether this set should flow into your shopping cart or sink back on the shelves, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Today brings another BZPower set review to the front page, this time one of the LEGO Ideas sets - 21109 Exo-Suit! One of the first ideas not based on a licensed theme, the Exo-Suit was greatly anticipated by a lot of AFOLs. Now that it's on shelves (or was, since it seems to be sold out in many places), how does it stack up? You'll have to continue on to read and watch our review to find out! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

[Source: LEGO CEE Team]
Fan Expo Canada will be taking place from August 28th to the 31st in Toronto, and LEGO will be there to show off some cool stuff. What cool stuff, you ask? Well how about an exclusive set just for attendees of the show! To see the full set and read the press release, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

BZPower Shadow of a Hero
BZPower Member Keyblade87 had an interesting idea for a photo, so he grabbed a couple sets, a camera, and a copy of Photoshop to create Shadow of a Hero. While the idea is simple, the execution is great and it really brings back some memories from 2007. I like the posing of Matoro Mahri especially as it looks like he's shouldering a heavy burden while he slowly walks towards his destiny. Talk Back in our Forums

Monday, August 18, 2014
Hot Bionicle News LEGO Makes Wish Come True
Niagara This Week has a touching story that should remind us all why LEGO is such a great company. Daniel Catapano is currently fighting a brain tumor that has left him unable to do basic math - but he can still build. A huge fan of Bionicle, Daniel was able to make a trip to Billund, Denmark through the Children's Wish Foundation, where LEGO surprised him by bringing in all of the company's senior set designers to meet him and look at his creations. It's always awesome to see someone's dream come true and we wish Daniel the best of luck in overcoming his tumor. Talk Back in our Forums

Spikels Mixels Teaser Image

The third wave of Mixels is starting to hit stores, so it's time for another BZPower set review. BZP Reporter Xccj managed to grab the three Mixels from the tan Spikels tribe, including 41521: Footi, 41522: Scorpi, and 41523: Hoogi. Should you claw your way through the crowd to get your hands on these, or are they best left in the dust? Read on to find out! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Sunday, August 17, 2014
This year was one of the best BrickFairs yet - it had the largest attendance ever and set a new record for money raised for charity. There were also a lot of great MOCs on display, and of course BZPower was on site to take pictures of them to share with you all. Read on to check out all the amazing creations! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News Official Images of New LEGO Minecraft Sets
We've previously reported that a new wave of minifig scale sets were on the way. Well, finally, official images have appeared on thethreevirtue's Youtube channel. The two sets depicted are 21113: The Cave and 21114: The Farm and keep up the pixelated, blocky look! Check them out now! Talk Back in our Forums

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Hot Bionicle News LEGO and PNY Announce Branded Flash Drives
Earlier this week LEGO and PNY announced a partnership whereby PNY will sell USB Flash Drives in the shape of everyone's favorite building brick. The drives come in 8 and 16 GB sizes and in blue, red, and yellow colors. They look almost exactly like a 2x4 brick and are completely compatible with your brick collection. This looks like a great product for LEGO fans who need to take their files on the go - I just wish they offered larger sizes! Talk Back in our Forums

Friday, August 15, 2014
Read on to check out the livestream! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

BZPower BBC Contest #68 Winners Announced
[Source: Tufi Piyufi]
Over in the BBC Forum, Tufi Piyufi has announced the winners of BBC Contest #68: Get in the Robot! The votes from the forums and BrickFair Virginia were considered in equal measure, revealing the top three creations:
  1. SCM-541: The White Viper by The Swimming Beard
  2. MS-026 Sunset Gundam by DeeVee
  3. "Toa" Irohka by Click
Congratulations to the winners, who will win Hero Factory sets signed by LEGO set designers, and thanks to everyone who entered! We'll have more contests soon, so make sure you keep checking back on BZPower! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Ninjago Blooper Reel
A new video was posted on the official LEGO YouTube channel recently - a LEGO Ninjago Exclusive Blooper Reel! Go watch the minifigs that play your favorite characters from the Ninjago TV show get in the recording booth and take direction and deliver their lines. It's a pretty funny look behind the scenes and definitely gives a new perspective to the series. It's clear that the people behind the show had a lot of fun with this! Talk Back in our Forums

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Hot Bionicle News Check Out the BrickMap
As a result of a project kicked off by Yun Mi Antorini, the Community Strategist of LEGO CEE Team, a group of AFOLs have created the BrickMap, a listing of LEGO-related sites on the Internet. The listing includes all sorts of categories, from parts databases to brick stores to fan events to custom element creators to fansites like BZPower! I'm happy to say that I was able to contribute to the initial listing, but now that it's online, anyone can help add new sites or update existing ones. This should hopefully be a great resource for the LEGO community, so make sure you add it to your bookmarks! Talk Back in our Forums

BZPower BZPower Livestream Tomorrow
Just a reminder that tomorrow we will be hosting a livestream over on BZPower's YouTube channel to discuss the future of LEGO's constraction lines. Join the staff to discuss what direction they might be going in next! The stream will kick off at 8:30 PM Eastern time on Friday, August 15th. Hope to see you all then! Talk Back in our Forums

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
X-Men vs The Sentinel Teaser Image
If there was any Marvel franchise that needed more LEGO love, it was the X-Men. And finally they've delivered, with this summer's 76022: X-Men vs The Sentinel! It features some of our favorite characters, as well as the evil Sentinel and the Blackbird jet! And BZPower Reporter Xccj is going to review it. Is this a set worth sinking your claws into, or should you just storm off and forget about it? Read on to find out. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

BZPower There's one other name you might know me by... Star Lord
Guardians of the Galaxy is well on its way to being one of the top-grossing movies of the year, and it's clearly an inspiration to LEGO fans out there. Case in point, BZPower Reporter Kakaru recently posted his take on Peter Quill aka Star Lord on BZPower's Flickr Group. You can check out a couple of the pictures here and here. Micah does a great job capturing a human character using constraction and System pieces, especially the details of the helmet and head. It's an amazing creation that will get you hooked on a feeling of awesomeness! Talk Back in our Forums

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
BZPower An Explosive Mosaic
A few years ago we saw a new type of LEGO mosaic storm the convention circuit. Made up of thousands of cheese slopes, these lenticular mosaics show two different images when viewed from the left or the right. Enamored by these designs, BZPower Reporter xccj amassed the 4,608 slopes he needed to build a 48-by-96 stud Mt. St. Helens Lenticular Mosaic. The piece depicts the famous volcano before and after erupting, looking serene and beautiful from the left and belching ash and lava on the right. It's a great juxtaposition and is executed well. I look forward to seeing it in person some day! Talk Back in our Forums

Hero Factory Polybag Teaser Image

Hot Bionicle News New Hero Factory Polybag Found
[Source: ShadowWolfHount]
Brickset has posted about a new Hero Factory beast polybag set found on the Russian site Mir Kubikov. It appears to include a small crawling version of Crystal Beast, and also includes a red mini jumper. It looks like a nice little impulse set, and hopefully it'll start appearing elsewhere around the world for fans to collect. Talk Back in our Forums

Monday, August 11, 2014
BZPower BZPower Livestream this Friday
What is LEGO planning for the future of their constraction lines? This Friday, the BZPower staff will share our thoughts, theories, hopes, and dreams regarding what's coming next. Join us on our YouTube channel on Friday, August 15th at 8:30 PM Eastern time to watch us tackle this tough question with the wit and aplomb you're accustomed to. It's sure to be a blast - I hope to see you there! Talk Back in our Forums

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Today it's time for another video review - this time I take a look at 41056 Heartlake News Van from the LEGO Friends lineup. This is my first Friends set, so if you'd like to see my reaction and thoughts on one of LEGO's latest hit themes, you should read on to watch it! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

BZPower 2014 BZPower T-Shirts Available for All
The yearly unofficial contest of designing a BZPower t-shirt, culminating in their sale at BrickFair, is coming to a close, but if you were not able to grab such a shirt at BrickFair VA last week you are still in luck: Bionicle Raptor has quantities available in his blog. The shirt design is from member Silverglass and joins a growing list of members having t-shirt designs gracing the bodies of BZPower members. Get one now before stock runs out!

Hot Bionicle News Release Date for Lonely Mountain Revealed
Back before Comic Con the news broke about 79018 The Lonely Mountain, the next set in The Hobbit line. More recently, on The Hobbit minisite on, the page for the set has been updated to indicate that the set will be available starting October 15th. This is interesting timing, since the next movie doesn't come out until December 17th in the US. I'm sure there will be plenty of marketing in advance of the film that will help drive sales of the set. You've got over two months to save up! Talk Back in our Forums

Saturday, August 9, 2014
BZPower July Flickr Contest Results
A little later than expected, but the votes have all been tallied and the winner has been decided. Congratulations to Lord Oblivion, creator of Scavenge, the winner of the BZPower July 2014 Flickr Contest! He gets a copy of 70209 CHI Mungus and Scavenge will be featured as the banner for the BZPower Flickr Group for August and September. Thanks everyone for entering and keep checking back for the next contest! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Making the Exo-Suit
A cool story was posted on the LEGO Ideas Blog last month: Mark Stafford, the LEGO Set Designer responsible for turning Pete Reid's Exo-Suit into a producible set was interviewed to share the process with us all. It's a great read and offers a lot of insight into the work that goes into making a MOC ready for store shelves. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! Talk Back in our Forums

Friday, August 8, 2014
[Source: LEGO]
Bricks by the Bay is taking place this weekend in San Francisco, CA and attendees there are being treated to a set reveal tonight. LEGO is announcing 10245 Santa's Workshop, the latest in the Winter Village theme of sets. The set will be available via VIP Early Access starting September 17th and for everyone else on October 1st. To see the designer video, more images, and the full press release, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News Ghostbusters HQ Reaches 10,000 Votes
Over at LEGO Ideas, the Ghostbusters HQ by Sergio512 has recently achieved the ten thousand votes required to get it reviewed by LEGO. It will join the other pop culture buildings, Wayne Manor and the X-Mansion, in the next review phase along with several other projects based on licensed properties. While it's a great-looking model with a lot of play features and details, I fear it may be too large to be tenable as an Ideas set. Still though, we'll have to wait and see - best of luck to them all! Talk Back in our Forums

Thursday, August 7, 2014
Justice League LEGO
Hot Bionicle News DC Comics Get LEGO Variant Covers in November
Just like Marvel Comics' LEGO variants last September in anticipation of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game, DC Comics is receiving LEGO variant covers in November to coincide with the release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Check out the 22 different covers on Comic Vine, and keep a sharp eye out for these at your local comic shop. Whether or not these will be cover priced or marked up for rarity remains to be seen, but the past few months of DC variants have been the standard $3 or $4. Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Ninjago Visual Dictionary Minifig Revealed
Recently, the 'limited edition' minifigure coming with the LEGO Ninjago: The Visual Dictionary was revealed. As you can see on the Amazon product listing, it's none other than... Zane Rebooted, the same fig that comes with 70726 Destructoid. On the plus side, you can preorder the book now for $16.73 and get it when it releases on September 15th. While the choice of figure is disappointing, it should still be an interesting read for Ninjago fans! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News More LEGO Movies Expected
There's not much to go on here, but that has not stopped the hype for future LEGO movies. It appears that Warner Brothers has scheduled May 25, 2018 and May 24, 2019 as release dates for two animated films, currently untitled. Speculation has it that these may be LEGO related, either as The LEGO Movie 3 and 4, or even a Ninjago 2. (You see, The LEGO Movie 2 is set to come out on May 26, 2017, and the Ninjago movie is set for September 23, 2016.) It's still pretty early to get too excited for this, but it's nice to know that the interest is there. Talk Back in our Forums

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
BZPower Element vs Personality
[Source: Akavakaku]
BZPower member Akavakaku started up an interesting topic comparing the elements of the Bionicle universe to the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator system. You can check out his thoughts over in Bionicle Storyline & Theories and see if you agree. If you have your own ideas of which elements map to which indicators, or think there's a better comparison, you can share your thoughts there as well! Talk Back in our Forums

[Source: NickonAquaMagna]
In a time before time, the Great Spirit descended from the heavens, re-awoken from the long slumber cast upon him by his dark brother. After their battle that had spanned and scarred many worlds, the Great Spirit sought to undo the damage that had been done. So, using the last of his power, he united these worlds, melding them together into one glorious new paradise so that all those who had suffered would be able to rebuild their lives, together. In honor of the Great Spirit, they began a new age of prosperity, and new generations of we, the Matoran, came into being. These young Matoran turned to the stars, wondering what other worlds had been touched by the Great Spirit during his travels before those they'd called home, and in time...some began to reach for them. The Matoran could not imagine what awaited them from beyond.
Such begins Nova Orbis, an epic tale told in words and pictures by BZP member NickonAquaMagna. Intrigued? Read on to see what this is about from the writer and artist himself! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

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