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Saturday, February 28, 2015
Hot Bionicle News LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales
[Source: ~Haxorus~]
It's hard not to be excited for Star Wars Episode VII (or find someone who is if you aren't a fan yourself) so LEGO thought it should jump aboard and ease our wait for the next LEGO movie by giving us LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales, retelling the story of the six episodes from R2's and C-3PO's perspective. The Hollywood Reporter reports of five episodes to be aired on Disney XD later this year. No details of director or writers yet. It's not the first LEGO Star Wars movie we're getting but with the big release coming later this year as well this one is sure to get more attention. Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News BZPower Member Featured by UCLA
[Source: Nuju Metru]
The Daily Bruin, University of California, Los Angeles' (UCLA) student newspaper recently did a focus piece on a LEGO maniac in their student body. Aaron Newman, who you all might know as Nuju Metru, talked to them about his passion for LEGO, how he got into the hobby, and how he participates in online communities and conventions. It's a cool insight into one of our own, and it's great to see the attention our hobby is getting these days! Give it a watch! Talk Back in our Forums

Friday, February 27, 2015
Hot Bionicle News Another Idea Flies to Goal
Yet another project has achieved ten thousand votes of support on LEGO Ideas! The Douglas DC-3 by Ssorg is a model of the iconic propeller-driven airliner from the 1930s and 1940s that was so popular that some are still flying today. The set itself looks great, and the builder has even proposed versions at two different scales to give LEGO the option of making either a smaller or larger set. While we'll have to wait until the review period arrives and ends, this is certainly an impressive model that deserves some consideration! Talk Back in our Forums

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Hot Bionicle News Gravity Hurts Instrumental Released
Christian Faber made a blog post this morning revealing that Cryoshell has released an instrumental version of their song Gravity Hurts. You can go listen to it on YouTube, although there's no video or anything to go with it, just some nice art. If you enjoyed this song back in 2008, you'll probably still like it today, so go make your ears happy! Talk Back in our Forums

[Source: Kevin Hinkle]
CCE Team Community Manager Kevin Hinkle recently shared word with the LEGO Ambassadors about an awesome contest that's going on right now for folks in the US at Build an awesome superhero-themed LEGO creation and enter to win a giant Batman an Joker mosaic worth $4000! This looks like a great opportunity, although there's not much time left, so read on to get all the details and find out more about the prize and how to win! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Loses Turtles License
You might have noticed in our Toy Fair coverage that there were no new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets announced for this year. My guess is that this press release, announcing that Mattel and Nickelodeon have partnered up to create Turtles-themed Mega Bloks in 2016, might have something to do with it. We've seen licensing go back and forth before, but this one is really interesting as I thought the LEGO TMNT sets were generally pretty solid. It will be interesting to see what the sets that come out end up looking like. Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Elves Site Updated with New Content
The LEGO Elves teaser site has been replaced with a full website, featuring detailed character bios, information on the new mobile app (which appears to be a combination adventure and puzzle game), a new music video and downloadable MP3 of the LEGO Elves theme song "If You Dare to Believe", and downloadable wallpapers and "How to Draw" pages for each of the five main characters! There's even a downloadable page on the "Secret Language of Elvendale" which ought to stir up some really strong memories in BIONICLE fans - and a widget on the front page that lets you translate things into that language and download them to share with friends! Check it all out right here! Talk Back in our Forums

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Hot Bionicle News LEGO Takes a Step Towards 100% Renewable Energy
Not too long ago, LEGO added a new video to their YouTube Channel. In it, Jorgen Vig Knudstorp addresses the new Borkum Riffgrund wind farm that has just begun generating electricity for the company, their goal of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2020, and LEGO's obligation to making the planet a better place. You can read more about it on their website - go read! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Reports Strong Growth in 2014
After the press conference this morning, LEGO has shared some of their 2014 results. Compared to 2013, LEGO increased their sales in 2014 by 15%, well above the toy industry average. They experienced growth in all their markets, had zero product recalls for the fifth year in a row, and grew their staff by nearly a thousand. In addition to core themes like City, Friends, and Star Wars, a large part of the success was attributed to The LEGO Movie, unsurprisingly. It's great to see the company continuing to do so well, and let's hope a year from now that Bionicle gets a mention as a top theme! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Rob Schrab to Direct LEGO Movie Sequel
[Source: BZPower Members]
We now know who the director for the LEGO Movie Sequel will be: Rob Schrab. This is his first time directing a movie, but he has worked in television before the shows Community, Parks and Recreation, The Mindy Project, and The Sarah Silverman Program. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are still writing and producing the movie, but it'll be interesting to see how Schrab handles the sequel. Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Two New Bionicle Books on Amazon
[Source: BZPower Members]
Two new Bionicle books have appeared on, although their details are rather sparse. First we have the Untitled LEGO Bionicle: Chapter Book #1 for $5.99, by the author Ryder Windham, who has some Star Wars books to his name. The next is the LEGO Bionicle Activity Book #1 With Mask, which will go for $8.99, but we don't know which mask it might include. Both books have a release date for August 25, 2015, so we still have a while to wait. Talk Back in our Forums

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
BZPower Discover the Fauna of Okoto
Since the 2015 Bionicle sets came out, Nescent has been busy creating the Wildlife of Okoto to flesh out the new island we find ourselves exploring. Featuring denizens such as the Dikapi, Komodo, Ice Bat, and Parik, there's quite the variety of creatures. What's more, he even lets you know what sets you need to have to build each and provides instructions for some of the models too! It's a great project that's definitely worth checking out. Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Watch the 2014 LEGO Annual Report
Interested to hear how The LEGO Group performed in 2014? Well you're in luck! Tomorrow, February 25th at 10 AM CET (9 AM GMT, 4 AM EST, 1 AM PST), they will be live streaming their annual press conference for all to watch. LEGO Group CEO, Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, and LEGO Group CFO, John Goodwin will be presenting the results during the broadcast. I hope there's a recorded version added to YouTube or similar later for those of us who will be sleeping at the time! Talk Back in our Forums

Market News Toa on Clearance at Target?
[Source: Twitter Followers]
Last night BZPower member T-Hybrid tweeted this disconcerting image to the BZPower Twitter account. Taken at a Target in Minnesota, it shows Gali and Onua being discounted 'on clearance.' Shortly after, other people chimed in reporting the same thing at their local Targets. A follower who works there said the first shipment of Bionicle sets they received was lacking Gali and Onua. Later, when they did come in, they were placed in a different area from the rest of the sets. If that space is now needed for other products, it could explain the drastic and sudden discount. Obviously this would vary from store to store, so let us know if you've seen this at your Target in the Talkback! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News The Fold Releases New Music Video
You should all be familiar with The Fold, the band that does the main theme and other music for the Ninjago TV series. Now they've released 21st Century Ninja, which ties into the "Tournament Of Elements" taking place during the beginning of the current season of Ninjago. Give it a listen and see what you think! Talk Back in our Forums

Monday, February 23, 2015
Hot Bionicle News Everything was Awesome at the Oscars
The 87th Academy Awards took place last night, and although it didn't receive a nomination for best animated picture, the presence of The LEGO Movie was still felt. Since Everything Is Awesome was nominated for best original song, Tegan and Sara along with The Lonely Island performed the song live, with some help from Will Arnett and others. As part of the routine, they even handed out brick-built Oscar trophies to celebrities in attendance like Oprah. Even though it didn't win for best original song either, I think it's safe to say that there was a lasting impression, like one might get from stepping on a 2x4, from LEGO at the awards show. Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Ninjas Invade Cliffs of Dover
I'll blame Toy Fair for why we missed this a week or so ago when it happened, but it looks like LEGO has been pushing Ninjago in the UK in a very big way, literally. As The Drum reports, LEGO recently worked with a PR company to project an image of Jay, Kai, Lloyd, and Cole on the side of England's famous White Cliffs of Dover. To give you a sense of scale, the cliffs reach up to over 350 feet high; those were four giant minifigures! Talk Back in our Forums

Sunday, February 22, 2015
Hot Bionicle News LEGO Rated World's Most Powerful Brand
The LEGO Group continues to come out on top in many categories following a very successful year no doubt helped by The LEGO Movie. LEGO has knocked Ferrari out of the top spot for the world's most powerful brand, according to annual research by strategy consultancy Brand Finance. Looking at brand and financial factors, LEGO proves itself through its familiarity, promotion, staff satisfaction and more. All the details can be found in an article from Marketing Magazine. Of course, we already knew most of this being loyal fans ourselves, no? Talk Back in our Forums

BZPower Storyline & Theories Contest Voting Deadline Bumped Up
Memoirs of the Dead, the seventh Storyline & Theories Contest, has been going on for a while now, and the voting period started late last December. Based on the current turnout, Forum Leader bonesiii and the Administration have announced that the voting deadline has been moved up to March 5th instead of the original April 30th. So head on over to the S&T Contest #7 Voting Forum and cast your votes while there's still time! Talk Back in our Forums

Saturday, February 21, 2015
It's time for the end of our Toy Fair 2015 coverage. After taking over five hundred pictures, we managed to get a little bit of video to share with you all too. We did a quick video tour of a couple section of the booth to show you how things were set up and give you a closer look at the display. We also got a look at the new AppBrick being featured in the Ultra Agents sets this year and how it works with your tablet. To check them out, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

We may have covered all of the sets on display at Toy Fair 2015, but there's still a couple other things to go over. LEGO always puts together an impressive booth with some cool displays that are worth sharing. Additionally, since we know you all love living the LEGO lifestyle, we wanted to make sure we covered some of the licensed merchandise that's out there. So let's go check it all out - read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Friday, February 20, 2015
There were three themes that no one voted on to request to see during our Toy Fair coverage, so it only makes sense that those are the last three that we're posting. Today we're looking at Classic, Juniors, and DUPLO - themes aimed at younger builders (or those looking to get lots of basic bricks!). If you're interested in checking out these sets, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

The end of our Toy Fair 2015 coverage is in sight! Today we're going to look at two perennial classics in the LEGO lineup - City and Pirates. City is really branching out this year into quite a few sub-themes, which offers a lot of variety. Pirates, on the other hand, is returning after being on hiatus for a few years. To see what the two are offering, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News Next LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Exclusive Fig Reveale
[Source: BZPower Members]
DK Publishing is putting out yet another book with LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, which will feature 72 pages of new content. But if that's not enough to interest you, they're also including an exclusive fig: an all-white Proto Boba Fett, based on the original concept designs for the character. The book will be out on April 28, 2015, and you can get a preview of the cover and the Proto Fett fig on Talk Back in our Forums

BZPower Last Chance To Send Your MOCs to Bricks Cascade
Bricks Cascade is the next big LEGO Convention coming up, with public showings on March 14th and 15th. But that means you're running out of time to send your MOCs in for the BZPower 2015 Convention Circuit. There's all sorts of perks to get, in addition to having your MOC grace the Bionicle tables, but you have to act fast if you want them to arrive on time! You can send me a PM to see where to mail your packages to, but they need to arrive by March 6th if you want to be sure your MOCs get put on display. We hope to see a lot of fantastic Bionicle models there, including yours! Talk Back in our Forums

Thursday, February 19, 2015
The Toy Fair 2015 coverage continues, and now we're focusing on Legends of Chima and Ultra Agents, two returning themes that have been fairly popular. Both have a number of new sets in two waves with lots of cool characters and vehicles. To check out what LEGO is giving us rabid fans, continue on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Today our Toy Fair 2015 coverage continues with two more themes. Up now are The LEGO Movie, featuring some followup sets to last year's blockbuster, and Scooby Doo, a brand new theme based on a forty year old franchise. To see what's in store for both, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News Mask of Creation Game Online on
[Source: Nidhiki of the Shadows]
The Mask of Creation game has been out on iOS and Android for a few weeks now but if you did not own any device running said operating systems, you were out of luck so far. Not anymore, though, as the game is now online on to play with the Unity 3D plug-in. If you were curious about the game but had no chance to try it yet, now is your time. Talk Back in our Forums

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
X-Men vs The Sentinel Teaser Image
Ninjago returns to 2015 with a new setting in the Tournament of Elements. In 70753 Lava Falls, Cole is after the Jade Blade, but the evil henchman Sleven is blocking his way, and prepared to send him down into the fiery lava below. Should you jump into action to get this set, or should you just let it burn up in the lava? BZPower Reporter Xccj will help you decide with this review! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Today our Toy Fair 2015 coverage continues with a bunch of collectible themes. The next most-requested theme was Mixels, and we're throwing in the collectible Minifigures, Architecture, and Ideas too. Don't get too excited for those last three though, as there's not much you haven't seen yet. But still, read on to check out what's coming! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News Elsa's Ice Palace Reaches Ideas Goal
Despite LEGO just releasing a Frozen set this year (check it out in our Toy Fair coverage), Disney Princess Frozen: Elsa's Ice Palace by Fohzen has just achieved ten thousand votes of support on LEGO Ideas. While this set is definitely more impressive than the one LEGO made, and I love the inclusion of Marshmallow using CCBS pieces, I don't think the model stands a snowman's chance on a beach in getting made. We'll have to wait until the next review period though, and see how it fares with the rest of the models! Talk Back in our Forums

Next up in our coverage of Toy Fair 2015, based on your feedback, is the new LEGO Elves theme. In addition, we're going to cover Friends and Disney Princess too, to get all the mini-doll sets done at once. To see what LEGO is offering in these lines this year, continue on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Next up on our list of themes that you asked to see from Toy Fair 2015 is Technic. To sweeten the pot a little we're also including Mindstorms and Creator. All three themes help inspire the imagination and often give instructions for multiple sets. To see what was on display, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

There were a LOT of sets on display at Toy Fair 2015, and it's time to bring you the next batch of BZPower's coverage. You asked for Minecraft, so that's what you're getting, with a special bonus of Jurassic World too! To check out what LEGO had on display, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

BZPower Join the Infinite Fight
If you've frequented the Games & Trivia forum over the past couple of years you're probably familiar with Bionifight. Earlier this month the game made the transition to role-playing game with Bionifight Infinite! The RPG, hosted by Lucina, combines everything you know and love about arena combat with the storytelling the Bionicle RPG forum is known for. If that sounds like something that interests you, go check it out and join! Talk Back in our Forums

Monday, February 16, 2015
It's time for more Toy Fair 2015 coverage! Based on your feedback, today we're looking at Star Wars, a theme that's entering its sixteenth year in 2015. With a new movie coming out, there's sure to be a lot of hype around this line, not to mention the constraction figures! Read on to check them all out! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Next up in our Toy Fair 2015 coverage we've got two themes! You asked for Marvel Superheroes, and as a bonus we're throwing in DC Superheroes too! I feel like this year is giving us more characters than ever before, so check them all out and see what's going to be requesting money from your wallet. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

We're going to take a quick break from our normal Toy Fair coverage today to celebrate LEGO being recognized by the Toy Industry Association with three Toy of the Year awards! LEGO FUSION won for E-Connected Toy, LEGO Technic took home Educational Toy, and LEGO Juniors was recognized as the best Preschool Toy. We have some pictures and the full press release, so read on to check them out! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Bionicle is back at Toy Fair! Obviously, the thirteen sets that are already out were on display, but no one really cares about those at this point. You all want to see the five new sets due out this August. It just so happens that we're willing to oblige you guys and took copious amounts of photos and have some thoughts to share. Let's check them out! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

BZPower BZPower's Nukaya Now LEGOLAND Model Builder
A few jobs in particular stand out to us LEGO fans when tied to BZPower. In December, Blog Assistant Nukaya answered the call for LEGOLAND California Model Builder interviews and, a week later, landed the job! While none can be truly as excited as she has been during her first two weeks of work and training, we can all congratulate her in having such a great career for her artistic talents. She has been recounting her move south from Oregon with BZP staffie DeeVee in her blog, where she notes of LEGOLAND, "The Tahu statue isn't red and orange, he's now red and yellow???" among other things. We all expect great things to appear on the park grounds under her building skills! Talk Back in our Forums

We asked and you answered, so now Ninjago is next on our list of Toy Fair 2015 coverage. The theme is going as strong as ever, and has at least twenty-three sets coming out this year. So see what what LEGO has in store for one of its most popular lines - read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Saturday, February 14, 2015
New York Toy Fair starts today and LEGO is kicking it off with a bang by announcing the latest addition to their UCS Star Wars collection. 75095 TIE Fighter compliments last year's 10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter and allows you to recreate the iconic attack on the Death Star if you have a lot of space and money. The set will be available in May (just in time for the May the Fourth promotion, I'm sure) and contains all the details you'd expect from a set in the Ultimate Collector Series. To see the designer video, hi-res pictures, and the full press release, read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

The folks over at LEGOLAND California are updating their LEGO Star Wars Miniland display in advance of the LEGO Star Wars Days on March 7th and 8th. On March 5th, they will be unveiling a giant Miniland-scale Death Star, complete with a trench run battle. We have a behind the scenes video, pictures, and the press release with more information - all you have to do is read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Toy Fair is over for BZPower, and now all that's left is going through the pictures and video to share with you all. We're going to use this space to keep track of everything we've posted to make it easier for you all to find. Read on to see what we've shared so far and keep checking back for more Toy Fair 2015 coverage! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

[Source: LEGO CEE Team]
We're still sifting through the hundreds of pictures we took at Toy Fair this morning, but thought we'd take a break to pass on some information about the new Star Wars buildable action figures coming out later this year. LEGO has sent us the press release and a couple images of the first two sets that will be released in September. Read on to learn about the upcoming sets! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Ideas Updates its Guidelines
Tim Courtney made a blog post on the LEGO Ideas site the other day highlighting some changes to the Guidelines & House Rules. One of the key changes is that projects representing "campaigns and movements" and "national war memorials" are now specifically prohibited. Additionally, all projects must now use "genuine, un-cut or modified LEGO bricks," which is more of a clarification of a previous rule. Finally, and probably most importantly, all submissions must feature an actual LEGO creation, which was actually not a rule up until this point! It's good to see that the Ideas team is constantly reviewing their process and making iterative changes to help make it work better. Talk Back in our Forums

Orbitons Mixels Teaser Image

The fourth series of Mixel characters is out, and today BZPower Reporter Xccj is looking at the space themed Mixels, the Orbitons, consisting of 41527 Rokit, 41528 Niksput, and 41529 Nurp-Naut. Are these guys really out of this world, or should you let them burn up in the atmosphere? Read on or watch the video to find out! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

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